A Simple Structure to Connect With The Quran | How To Quran Journal as A Beginner

In this article we will discuss how you can start Quran Journaling in this blessed month of Ramadan as a beginner. 

So we have letters of in English “QURAN”. We will use those letters to have a structured way to study the Quran.

The Quran Method

This method provides a simple foundation you can work on and make a start.

Things You Need:

  1. A comfortable area/desk
  2. Quran
  3. Pen- to take notes
  4. Notebook
  5. Tafsir sources (Tafsir books/ audios/ YouTube)
  6. Come with an open heart- ready to welcome the words of Allah swt. Ready to receive the message and reflections.

Lets Make A Start On Quran Journalling: 

  1. Write the ayah in Arabic
  2. Write the translation of the verse in your language
  3. Understand the context of the verse. The background of the verse, the who, what, when and where. Set the scene.
  4. Tafsir of the verse, what is the verse saying to us? What happened? What message is Allah sending?
  5. Reflections- how does this apply to us? How can we apply this to our daily lives? Analysis of the Tafsir. These are the practical ways we can reflect and change our lives to do/be better.
  6. Make the decision now on what you want to study next. Your heart is ready for more. It is easier to make the decision now while you are reflecting on a verse rather than later.

Let us know how you get on! There is no better time to start connecting with the Quran like the Month of Ramadan. The month of the Quran.


Digital Quran with Tafsir: Quran.com
The Q.U.R.A.N Method: Deenandchai

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