Prayer Clothing For Ramadan

With Ramadan soon approaching, are you looking for new prayer clothing?

During the month of Ramadan, many of us focus on our prayer even more. We want our prayer to be performed with intention and accepted by Allah SWT. We tend to wear special clothing to show our devotion to Allah and to demonstrate our commitment to the spiritual discipline of fasting.

Allowing us to create a strong connection to our creator. Choosing special prayer clothing for Ramadan can serve as a reminder of the sacred nature of this special month. If you want to dress modestly and beautifully within the requirements on hijab, you can find a range of options when you shop with Hayaa.

At Hayaa the Label our goal is to design sustainable timeless pieces of clothing that you can add to your wardrobe and keep for years. Our classic prayer abayas are carefully designed, cut, and stitched to enable you to pray comfortably. 

We feel that you can look elegant without compromising on your modesty, and on our website you can find a range of modest options whether you’re looking for a one-piece Abaya, full length Jilbab or everyday casual abayas.

If you’re shopping for someone else, our Quran Prayer Gift Set makes for the perfect Ramadan and Eid gift. Containing an Arabic Quran, matching prayer beads and a prayer Mat, you can choose from a range of colours. Mix and Match as well as add an abaya to the gift set. 

Not sure what to buy them? Then let them choose with our HTL gift card which range from £25-£200. If you want to keep up with the latest additions and promos, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. 

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