What to wear for EID?

Get ready to dive into the wonderful world of Eid clothing with us. We'll share some inspiration to help you find the perfect outfit for this special occasion. Whether you're into traditional styles or modern trends, we've got something for everyone! 

Eid marks a time of immense celebration and gratitude. It's a moment where worshippers reflect on their accomplishments throughout the holy month of Ramadan, hoping for divine rewards. As Eid approaches, one aspect is selecting the perfect attire. It was a practice of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) to wear the best clothing on the day of Eid. Nowadays, people often get something new for themselves and their kids.


Eid clothing typically reflects the festivity of the occasion. Women and young girls often dress in abayas for the morning mosque prayers, and dazzle in embroidered dresses or sparkling ensembles for the rest of the day. Our classic abayas are perfect for the morning Eid Prayer in the UK. 

During Eid, many Muslims take pride in showcasing their roots through traditional garments. North Africans opt for vibrant jilabiyas with hoods, while Arabs from the Arabian peninsula prefer the elegance of crisp white ganduras paired with checked head scarves. Across various African nations, loose kaftans or vivid dashikis symbolise the festivity of the occasion. For worshippers from Pakistan or India, the classic choice is the graceful salwar kameez. Regardless of regional preferences, modesty remains a cornerstone in the selection of Eid attire, aligning with religious principles.

The celebratory spirit extends into homes, where women adorn themselves with their finest jewellery and embellish their hands and feet with traditional henna designs. Decorated homes resonate with the joyous chatter of families and friends, united in shared meals and the exchange of gifts.

As we eagerly anticipate Eid this year, we extend warm wishes to all for a joyous celebration! And if you're seeking classic modest clothing to grace this special occasion, explore our collection of timeless abayas on our website.

Eid Mubarak! 

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