No modest wardrobe is complete without a selection of elegant, lightweight jilbabs in your favourite shades. Our one piece jilbabs are made from nidha fabric. This essential piece provides head to toe coverage for all curves and sizes! niqab is also included.

A fantastic feature to have in a jilbab is pockets! This is a must in almost every abaya- and we ensure that all our designs include pockets. We also have a collection of 2 piece jilbabs.

The jilbab head piece is an open space, this is where you can place your head into the jilbab. You are then left with two straps on either side of the jilbab and can choose to style it to the inside or outside. See our instagram page for some inspiration on ways to style your jilbab.

The two piece jilbabs come in various sizes, from 52 to 60 inches. Please size up with the one piece prayer jilbabs. When you tie it over the jilbab it rises and becomes a little shorter. If you are still unsure about your jilbab size- Contact us via our online chat on and we will assist you.

Now.. let's talk colours! We have an extensive range of Jilbab colours

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